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Notice box

Notice boxes are an important marking feature. Legibility is the important factor, design comes second.

Notice boxes that are too wordy (telling a story, going into too much detail, etc.) need to be reworded, perhaps even linking to a meta-article about the notice.

Notice box design should be consistent, this does not mean the same colour and size, just the general themeing.

I'm themed!

I'm a box themed around Bin Weevils, to the extent you can get with only a little bit of CSS. To use me:

Using such a box design should encourage users to read them and maybe even contribute.

Article Naming

Articles should be named to their accurate in-game names where possible. Exemptions include for disambiguation purposes.

If a subject has had multiple names, it will be on it's current name, with redirects from any prior names. For example: Main Article: Slam's Toy Box, with a redirect from Slam's Party Box.

Articles that need to be moved

  • Riggs Movie Multiplex to Rigg's Movie Multiplex (leave a redirect)
  • Slam's Party Box to Slam's Toy Box (leave a redirect)

If you find any more articles failing to meet this criteria, do list them here. As these are resolved, please removed them from the list.

Image Naming

Images with non-specific file names (e.g. File:IMG-692.JPG) need to be renamed to a semi-descriptive yet concise name for ease of searching and using.

An encompassing plan is hard to define, the following scheme should be a good start for now.

Location articles should have an up-to-date image, with the name being File:Location.png. If this file already exists as a different type of image, File:Location today.png is acceptable as a temporary solution.

Outdated article images should be moved, if they are of decent quality and no better image showing the content exists, to a relevant name and added to the gallery.

For example: File:Location.png to File:Location Event.png or File:Location Year.png.

Locations which are no longer in the game, or are inaccessible may use outdated images if their flash file is unavailable, if the flash file is found, an image of that is to be used instead.

Location images should be added to Category:Location Images.

Images that need to be moved

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